by gregory davalos


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent last weekend in sunny San Francisco. I'm a big believer in geographic determinism, and I suspect the clement weather in San Francisco has a lot to do with its pervading buoyant mood.  People smile a lot there, traffic jams tend to be caused by drivers insisting the other guy go first. And have you ever seen a place more tolerant of alternative lifestyles? 

The day before I said goodbye to LA, Juan (my usual fed ex carrier and spirit animal) dropped off a very special package--my custom Indochino suit! When I ripped open the box, I was in awe of its masculine beauty--don't forget, this is my first suit, ever. The most definitive stylistic feature is (obvi) the custom fit. The sophisticated and timeless shape fit my body so comfortably, something i've never experienced with off the rack pieces. I decided during my fitting that I wanted the lapel be thinner to create a clean, streamlined look. The thin lapels are also reminiscent of my lifestyle, tasteful but understated. As a traditional comfort seeker looking for the highest end quality, I was so fucking happy to be wearing that Indochino suit.

Timing for this couldn't have been better as the traveling tailor pop up was currently taking place in San Fran! I was so excited to pop by and show Erin, the heavenly angel who fitted me, the masterpiece we created together. It was the best feeling to see her just as excited about the result as I was. 

If you're in San Francisco you NEED to pay the amazing tailors at Indochino a visit. Their popup is located at 117 Post St. San Francisco, CA. They are only in SF until the 23rd and then taking over New York City March 22-30 and again April 11-16.

Photography: Robert Terrazas

Suit: Indochino      Shoes: Comme De Garcons