by gregory davalos

I like to consider myself a rare breed in the fashion industry as i'm one of the few people that actually eats. Naturally, when the Downtown Luxe City Center graciously extended an invitation to preview the menu at Stafford + Mathis, their most recent addition to downtown's culinary scene, I summoned an Über faster than you can say white truffle vinaigrette. 

Upon my arrival to the swanky eatery, I quickly found that  this was no ordinary dinner rendezvous. Stafford + Mathis offers dual menus that cater to the wild and mild palette. The Stafford portion of the menu boasts more traditional options like steak frites and tenderloin carpaccio while the Mathis menu offers more innovative dishes like their Octopus' Garden--a mouth watering combination of Octopus, heirloom vegetables, pickled beet and pomegranate a top a bed of petite greens and market beans.

To say the food is out of this world fucking amazing is an understatement. It is extremely evident that Chef Michael Chavez-Martinez is insanely dedicated to his craft via the presentation of his edible art, knowledge of complimentary wine pairings and passionate descriptions of each course. I LOVE discovering new talent in any capacity and Chef Martinez certainly has a bright future ahead of him. 

My favorite portion of the dinner however, was the intimate conversation happening around the table with the hotel's senior staff and members of the press. In one sitting we discussed the art of selfies, secret talents (mine, a terrible english accent) showed each other our collection of pet pictures, all while pondering what talent we would posses if we could choose any--and this is precisely the reason I'll never step foot inside another hotel downtown.  Luxe City Center offers immense luxury without being pretentious--they do not concern themselves with trendy gimmicks, instead they focus on delivering the luxe experience to every person that walks through their picturesque lobby. 

The stafford + Mathis Kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch from 6am-3pm and reopens for dinner at 5pm--located inside the Luxe City Center Hotel at 1020 S. Figueroa Los Angeles, CA 90015. Check it out and let me know if you're a Stafford or a Mathis by tagging #ImaStafford / #ImaMathis on instagram! 


Photography Robert Terrazas

                         Blazer: Indochino  T-Shirt: John Varvatos  Jeans: Sinclair Denim  Watch: Meister