by gregory davalos


I'm finally back home for the Holidays! It's hard to believe that i've been on the road for 3 straight months, popping in and out of LA only to switch my suitcase. 

One thing that never left my side was the Norelco One Blade Pro.  I'm no stranger to Norelco's line of shavers--I was in a committed relationship with the Norelco Series 7000 shaver before upgrading myself to the one blade pro. 

What I love about the one blade pro is how compact and easy it is to travel with. The one blade technology allows you to trim, edge and shave any length of hair, reducing the amount of shaving products you need to pack--you can do it all with one tool! It also comes with a precision dial that has 14 length settings!!! That's 14 opportunities to get the perfect trim on everything from a 5 o'clock shadow to longer beard styles. The one blade also follows the contour of your face really nicely, making it easy to get to all those hard to reach places and get the perfect edge. It's fast and easy to line up any style in seconds and was even comfortable in sensitive areas. When i'm traveling all over the globe, I do not have time for irritation and redness on my face from shaving! Last, but not least, the one blade can be used dry or wet which was a game changer for me. I found that my skin responded better to a wet shave while in the freezing temperatures of London and Paris! 

Be sure to check out my Instagram stories over the next few weeks as i'll be doing a lot of chit-chat get ready with me's and showing you the Norelco One Blade Pro in real time! 

Until next time xo


*This blog post is sponsored by Amazon and Philips, all opinions are my own*