QUEEN B: Alle Fister of Bollare Communications

by gregory davalos

My relationship with Bollare started like any other, via twitter. One idle Tuesday evening I received a direct message from someone by the name of Blondehaus inviting me to one of those fabulous blogger events you always hear about. I eagerly accepted the invitation and the rest is truly history.

What began as a simple online interaction quickly blossomed into an amazing partnership as I began working closely with Bollare's insanely creative digital team on various projects. Bollare has played a huge roll in the development of Downtown Dava and I credit them with helping me legitimize the content I produce by connecting me with their impressive roster of men's clients. 

It's no secret that an army is only as good as their general and with Bollare's 8th Anniversary upon us, I took a trip their West Hollywood office (which is an interior designer's wet dream) to interview Alle Fister, Principal of Bollare Communications. 

See our Q&A below!

Photography  Robert Terrazas

Photography Robert Terrazas

1. You worked with ShopBop.com in it's infancy and were one of the first agencies to introduce a full fledged digital division. You're known for identifying key trends in a marketplace that is constantly changing. How do you stay ahead of the curve? What do you see for the future of fashion PR? 

 Well, thank you, I sincerely appreciate the kind words.

 Yes, I was lucky enough to be on the initial team of women’s online retailer, Shopbop.com - spearheading the site’s PR & spokesperson work!  The efforts were quite successful, and as the business was sold to Amazon 8 years ago (man, time flies!) I started Bollare, with my former employer as my first client.

 After several successful further e commerce launches at Bollare - from One Kings Lane to FrenchConnection.com to working with Gilt and BeachMint…we began to see the different lanes in ‘digital pertinence’ forming...

 Through Shopbop, myself and Bollare’s VP, Sara Flores, knew of Tanya Brown, who at the time was spearheading digital efforts for a NYC-chic leather goods line we retailed at Shopbop.  Always impressed with the digital footprint and engagement she was able to drive for the brand, we started a conversation with her.

Tanya was our founding Bollare Digital Team member, who has grown the department and team to eight digital SUPERSTARS who lead the strategy and execution for our top-tier digital clients!

By continuing to put OUR TEAM first and trusting our top talent to continue to expand our network and brainpower in the all-important digital category, we continue to stay ahead of the curve and I am SO impressed with what this team drives for our agency and brand partners.

 2. As Bollare turns 8 years old, what are some of your proudest moments? Do you remember the first placement Bollare ever secured for a client?

 Oh man! Do I EVER!

 I have so many, I could write a book…

 -Making the first Bollare website…frankly TEACHING myself to make a website and making our website.

 -Our first piece of press on Bollare, which was the Wall Street Journal

 -Welcoming some of our earliest clients, such as Erin Condren, who I am so proud to say we still work with to this day, and grabbing her first piece of BIG DEAL press…Daily Candy!

 -Opening (and rehabbing!) our first Bollare LA office…8680 Melrose! 

-Buying a one-way plane ticket for Sara Flores to move from LA to NYC to open our NYC office…Sara will celebrate 6 years with the firm next month!

 -Out growing our first NYC office and moving into 135 5th AVE

 -Out growing our first LA office and moving into Bollare Beverly

 -Hitting the 50 team members mark….!

 -Setting up shop in LONDON…heading there next week to see Farris, our team lead out there!

3. In a time when everyone wants to be a stylist/blogger/dj/publicist--you've managed to weed through the saturation and cultivate a staff that is insanely dedicated to their craft. You also work with an impressive network of editors, celebrities and digital influencers on both the east and west coast. What does it take to be part of Bollare in and out of house? 

 Why thank you, our team and our network are two of the most important elements to our success!

We set standards HIGH to work at Bollare - driven by three key elements - a love for the word TEAM, an ENTREPRENURIAL sprit and a NIMBLE attitude…with this front of mind and a commitment to the highest standard of client service… these are elements that make an ideal Bollare team member!

 In selecting the media and digital partners to target for our brands, we look for sites and blogs that have a true sense of VOICE and understanding and commitment to their READERSHIP base!  The sites and blogs that know themselves the most clearly are the most fluid for us to know how to pitch and work effectively with and for them!

 4. I have to ask--who's your favorite blogger and why? What do you see for the future of blogging--do you think the market for bloggers is over saturated and the end is near?

 We LOVE sites like Downtown Dava!

 A site that gives a curated and privileged peak into their world with a cohesive voice and POV is one I want to check out!

Like anything in life, it is cyclical.  We’re certainly seeing a boom within the blogging world which will course correct with time as those most dedicated to their craft will persist and thrive, while those less committed will certainly explore the next ‘boom’ to be a part of…!


5. Lastly, in the spirit of celebration: What are 8 things no body knows about you? 

 Oh man, if I told you, I’d have to….just kidding!

 8 little known Bollare & Alle Fister Fun Facts….!

 1.  I literally LOVE what I do…

2.  I have learned something amazing from each of the people whom works at and with Bollare

3.  I keep secret stashes of candy all over my office

4.  I eat mac’n’cheese for at least one meal a day, everyday

5.  I think Instagram is so fun, although I probably have never played with selecting a filter…the average post takes me somewhere between 1 and 1.5 seconds

6.  I still watch The Bachelor…or should I say…El Bachelor…we had an office pool on the show last year, and now I am hooked…

7.  I have an insane collection of VANS shoes

8.  I cannot get enough of a Missoni print!