by gregory davalos


Not really sure what my deal is lately, but I've been dying to get out of LA every chance I get. Took a mini road trip to Palm Springs last week and naturally had to pull over for a roadside photo session. 

I was introduced to Big Star while I was in New York a few weeks ago and consider their denim  my second skin--fit is flawless and so, so, so comfortable. I'm especially fond of the brand because they manufacture here in the US. When you purchase clothes that is made in the USA, it means you are making a valuable contribution to the success of domestic manufacturing and business. When you choose to buy American/ domestic products, you help to support the economy and the long-term security of jobs. It's also just good karma. GO AMERICA!


Photography: Alyssa Junco & Robert Terrazas

                 Sweater:   Big Star USA    Jeans:   Big Star USA 

                 Sweater: Big Star USA  Jeans: Big Star USA