by gregory davalos


Let me just start off by saying I love food. Like, I really love food. Going to dinner is my favorite pass time and in my opinion, the best way to connect with someone is over dinner and a cocktail. 

Lock and Key Social Drinkery hosted a intimate tasting last night at Stay Gallery in Downey to promote their upcoming launch on February 14.  As you know, no one in fashion eats between 9-5, so when I arrived to the event I was ready to peel over and die from lack of sustenance. Fortunately, head chef Alejandro Jimenez, had prepared an assortment of carefully crafted edible works of art that were (excuse my french) fucking amazing. When I tasted the macaroni and cheese ball the heavens legitimately parted and the angels sang.

The event was especially charming because it brought together so many people that I had grown up with. Mark Shelton, owner of Lock and Key and fellow Downey-ian, gave a heartfelt speech that really struck a cord with me. Shelton is part of a new wave of influencers in Downey, that are pushing for a resurgence in the community and I think it's brilliant! I love coming home to Downey after dealing with the bullshit of working in Hollywood day to day and now that I can enjoy a proper meal at Lock and Key, I might never leave! 



Coat: Top Man  Shirt: T by Alexander Wang  Pants: Burberry  Belt: Trafalgar  Shoes: Sperry Top Sider